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18-20 Jun 2012 Munich
ICE 2012 will bring together leading researchers and practitioners from around the world to present their latest findings from research and share practical cases from industry. Authors, workshop, tutorial organizers, and participants in general are invited to contribute to the shaping of the debate on innovation by collaboration and entrepreneurial partnerships....
ENoLL Summer School
21-23 Aug 2012 Helsinki
Bridging the gap between RDI results and their use from micro to the most macro level through LivingLabs....
Summer School "Open Innovation and User eXperience Design & Assessment"
10-14 Sep 2012 Istituto Europeo di Design - Milan
The SUmmer School is supported by the ELLIOT (Experiential Living Lab for the Internet of Things) and by the IDeALL (integrating Design for ALL in Living Labs) project ...
ESoCE Industrial Forum
03 Dec 2012 NH Leonardo da Vinci Jolly Hotel - Rome
Open and Responsible Innovation is recognized as the crucial competitive leverage for European industry addressing societal and industrial challenges of the global competition and markets...
24-26 Jun 2013 - The Hague
19th ICE Conference & IEEE International Technology Management Conference 2013 ...
26th European Conference on Operational Research
01-04 Jul 2013 'Città Universitaria' of Sapienza University of Rome - Rome
Following the success of previous EURO Conferences, we announce the XXVI EURO - INFORMS Joint International Conference: "All roads lead to OR" which will be held in Rome on July 1-4, 2013....
4th ENoLL Living Lab Summer School
27-30 Aug 2013 Manchester Metropolitan University Business School and Town Hall - Manchester
ENoLL Living Lab Summer School includes several sessions, workshops, lively discussion panels and excursions and site-visits with the aim of giving the participants a wider insight about models, theories and technologies related to living labs and the opportunity to gain hands-on experience from the leading experts on the subject and finally participants are invited to network with other Living Lab enthusiasts. On the final day, we will welcome the 7th wave of new enoll members to the network, and hold a special plenary session on the world wide community of open living labs, with the special participation of the world bank. ...
ESoCE-Net Industry Forum
02 Dec 2013 NH Leonardo da Vinci Jolly Hotel - Rome
The emergence of unprecedented Societal Challenges for the Humanity, as it is the case for Health, demographic change and wellbeing, calls for a new extraordinary participation of the People in the Innovation process. New methodologies and organizational settings are being established to enable Social Innovations. ...
20th ICE Conference – IEEE TMC Europe Conference
23-25 Jun 2014 - Bergamo
Join us at ICE 2014 to celebrate the 20th edition, the experiences and competences to meet the frontiers of collaborative development and engineering for a more sustainable and responsible innovation. ICE 2014 will be in Bergamo (Italy) from 23rd to 25th of June 2014. ICE 2014 is entitled "Engineering Responsible Innovation in Products and Services". ...
OpenLivingLab Days 2014
02-05 Sep 2014 De Nieuwe Liefde - Amsterdam
01 Dec 2014 NH Leonardo da Vinci Hotel - Rome
People Driven Social Innovation: Tackling the Healthy Living Challenge!...
21st ICE Conference - IEEE Technology Management Conference
22-24 Jun 2015 - Belfast
ICE is one of the conferences associated of the IEEE TEMS Society for Technology and Engineering Management....